Jelena Djokovic reacts violently to allegations of drinking against Novak

After the viral video in Paris

Jelena Djokovic reacts violently to accusations of drinking

The drinking mystery surrounding Novak Djokovic (35) is making waves on Twitter. Now his wife Jelena joins the discussion.


Jelena Djokovic defends her husband Novak on Twitter.

Novak Djokovic’s drinking bottles are a regular topic, most recently at the Masters tournament in Paris. Djokovic’s physio Ulises Badio is filmed mixing a drink that finds its way to his protégé via the ball girl.

No one knows exactly what is in the bottle. Novak once jokingly referred to a “magic potion”. The fact that Djokovic’s camp has not provided any serious answers leaves room for speculation and implicit accusations. The recording is broken down into individual parts in the tennis world.

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