Janine rejects the love of rookie Ramon

“Farmer Single Seeking” lady-in-waiting Janine cleans up on the last day of court week. She has no feelings for Roman.


the essentials in a nutshell

  • Janine and Roman are not a couple.
  • It is also related to the inexperience of the farmer.

The Hofwoche single “Bauer, single, sucht” Ramon and Janine (both 30) is coming to an end. On the last day, they both put their cards on the table.

Too bad: The two get along well, but they definitely won’t become a couple. This also has to do with Ramon’s inexperience. Appenzeller has never had a girlfriend and never experienced.

Janine makes it clear: “You’re a great, great guy, but not my husband.” A 30-year-old man is not experienced enough and not sensitive enough.

And Ramon couldn’t imagine a relationship with her either. Although he wanted a woman with experience, Janine has too much energy for him. “It overwhelmed me. And we’re not even emotionally on the same page.”

To say goodbye, Ramon gives his lady-in-waiting a plate with her initials and they embrace warmly. Then an almost happy ending.

Are you a direct person?

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