Jan-Gregor Kremp lost 20 kilos

In “The Old Man – Death on the Cliff”, Jan-Gregor Kremp investigates the Baltic Sea. Not only its successor can be seen in the film, but also its great success with customers. Now he has revealed how he did it.

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At the beginning of March, Jan-Gregor Kremp announced that he wanted to leave the detective series “Der Alte” after ten years – for the sake of his wife. Because the 59-year-old must have had a long-distance relationship with Johanna Gastdorf for weeks during filming. He was constantly in Munich, she in Leverkusen. The TV star wants a fresh start.

In the same interview, the actor also revealed that he lost 20 kilograms. “My blood values ​​were okay, but the belly fat was dangerous,” he told ‘Bunte’. Jan-Gregor Kremp has declared war on excess pounds. With success.

Intermittent fasting and 10,000 steps per day

In an interview with the spot on news news agency, he has now revealed how he succeeded. “I guess the secret is that I not only started the two components – intermittent fasting and taking 10,000 steps a day – I was successful.”

The actor of the series explains further: “When the first success appears on the scale, you start to enjoy it and then to eat less and healthier. This leads to a positive spiral.”

Thomas Heinze succeeds Jan-Gregor Kremp

His success in weight loss can already be seen in the new episodes of “Der Alte” – just like his successor. Thomas Heinze also stars in the special series “Tod am Kliff”. He will replace Jan-Gregor Kremp next year.

Jan-Gregor Kremp and Thomas Heinze succeed Jan-Gregor Kremp (Source: ZDF/Hendrik Heiden)Jan-Gregor Kremp and Thomas Heinze succeed Jan-Gregor Kremp (Source: ZDF/Hendrik Heiden)

As the special episode was filmed, change was “always in the stars”, the 59-year-old said. He now advises the newcomer “to invent a new ‘old’ with courage and verve, to endow it with new colors and ideas”. Such a change is above all an opportunity. “I’m sure he’ll be fine.”

In 2012, Jan-Gregor Kremp played the main role for the first time in “Der Alte”. Until spring 2023, he will still be seen in his role as Chief Inspector Richard Voss.

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