Jackpot cracked: two lucky winners win CHF 17.2 million in Swisslotto


Jackpot hitTwo lucky winners will win CHF 17.2 million in Swisslotto

The mega jackpot is paid out: there were two main winners in the Swiss Lotto on Wednesday, raking in CHF 17.2 million each.

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Two winners split the jackpot…

20 minutes/Simon Glauser

... and everyone gets a good 17 million francs.

… and everyone gets a good 17 million francs.

20 minutes/Simon Glauser

4, 8, 13, 25, 30 and 36: Two players who tick these six numbers in Swisslotto can look forward to being multi-millionaires. Like The Tamedia Group newspaper, citing the SDA news agency, reports that the jackpot was hit on Wednesday. The lucky number was 2, the repeat was 12 and the wild number was 897562.

Before taxes, each person receives CHF 17,223,220. The next draw on Saturday is about 1.5 million Swiss francs, Loterie Romande announced.

But this amount pales in comparison to the last lottery win in the United States: There, a man from California won an incredible $2.04 billion in Powerball, the largest amount in the history of the lottery.

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