ITA Airways receives 400 billion from Rome

400 million euros

Another financial injection for ITA Airways

The Italian state has given its approval to another injection of public funds of 400 million euros into ITA Airways, which was created from Alitaly. The president of ITA Airways resigned on Monday.

Another financial injection from Rome for Alitalia’s successor ITA Airways. CEO Fabio Lazzerini (right) and recently resigned president Alfredo Altavilla during a presentation in Rome. (Recorded on October 15, 2021)

According to Tuesday’s decision, which was made at an extraordinary general meeting of advisers of the Ministry of Economy, the funds should reach the ITA coffers by the end of the month. The Ministry is a 100% shareholder of the airline.

The EU has given the go-ahead for ITA to launch in September 2021, approving €1.35bn in state funding – on the condition that the airline eventually gets back on its feet.

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