Iran: Police shoot people in metro station and beat women with batons


IranPolice shoot people in a subway station and beat women with batons

Video footage on Wednesday night showed people in Tehran running for their lives as police fired shots at a metro station, and women were beaten on the subway.

On 16 November 2022, security forces opened fire on Iranian citizens at Shariati Station in Tehran.

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It’s about it

  • Violence broke out at a metro station in Tehran on Wednesday.

  • Police beat women who did not wear hijab properly.

  • Other videos show people running for the exits in panic.

On Wednesday evening, new, shocking images from Iran spread on social networks: numerous videos show how Iranian security forces opened fire on people in Tehran’s Shariati metro station as train cars passed by and beat women with batons who did not wear the obligatory hijab. The authenticity of the pictures was confirmed by the militant Iranian opposition movement People’s Mujahideen Organization (in translation People’s Mujahideen).

The footage shows people on one of the crowded platforms fleeing towards the exits as gunshots rang out from the other side. Many people fell, others stepped on them. Some of the women in the wagon took hats out of their pockets and put them on to avoid being beaten. Another scene shows regime forces beating a woman while she screams, “I’m going shopping!”

“The fact that it is now a widespread terrorization of people, including those who are not protesting, shows how big the protests are – and how big the regime’s fear is,” Iranian journalist Gilda Sahebi commented on one of the videos.

“This is the year Khomeini will be overthrown!”

On Wednesday, a three-day strike began across the country to commemorate the “bloody November” of 2019, when hundreds of people were killed.

In large parts of the country, people took to the streets on Wednesday night, according to eyewitnesses. Chaotic scenes could be seen in the capital city of Tehran. Protesters set up barricades and drivers honked their horns. Hundreds of people gathered in central squares and shouted protest slogans against the Islamic Republic. Noisy”The Guardian”, hundreds of protesters also chanted at Shariati metro station: “This is the year Seyed Ali (Khomenei) is overthrown!”

The recent wave of protests against authoritarian politics of the Islamic Republic he was from the death of an Iranian Kurdistan Mahsa Amini was launched. She died in police custody on September 16 after being arrested for violating Islamic dress codes.

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