Iran: Disturbing footage from Mahabad


Protests against the mullahsDisturbing footage – Iranian security forces shoot people

According to activists, security forces in Iran kidnapped the body of a slain protester from a hospital and attacked his family.

First gunshots are heard, then disturbing screams.

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  • Protests against the mullahs’ regime in Iran have been ongoing for more than two months.

  • This is because an Iranian woman was beaten to death for allegedly not wearing a headscarf properly.

  • Iranian security forces are said to have kidnapped the body and secretly buried it.

According to activists, security forces in Iran kidnapped the body of a slain protester from a hospital and attacked his family. According to the Norwegian human rights group Hengaw, the members are notorious Islamic Revolutionary Guards on Friday evening at the Shahid Gholi Pur Hospital in the western Iranian city of Bukan, “seized the body of Shahrjar Mohammadi and secretly buried him.”

They also shot his family and wounded “at least five people,” Hengaw told AFP on Saturday. Also in the city of Diwandarreh in the province Kurdistan According to Hengawa, security forces shot at the protesters. According to the organization, several people were injured on Saturday.

The funeral of a 9-year-old child provokes protests

Activists accuse Iranian security forces of secretly burying dead protesters so that their burials do not spark further anti-Iranian protests. The funerals of several young people, including a nine-year-old child, sparked protests on Friday. According to media and NGO reports, slogans against Tehran’s rulers were shouted in the cities of Iseh, Tabriz and Mahabad.

According to this, the security forces are said to have used massive violence against the protestors, especially in the city of Mahabad. According to Natalie Amiri, ARD correspondent in Tehran, the city is under massive fire. There is even talk on social media that the people of Mahabad were outright slaughtered. Mahabad is a Kurdish city in northwestern Iran.

The wave of protests in Iran, which have lasted for two months, was triggered by the death of a young Kurd, Mahs Amini. The 22-year-old girl was arrested by the so-called morality police because she was said to be wearing her Islamic headscarf in accordance with the rules. She died shortly afterwards in hospital. Tehran is cracking down on protesters.

Protests in Mahabad on October 27.


Iran blames Western countries

Iran has accused Britain, Israel and the United States, among others, of inciting the protests. Iran’s Foreign Ministry on Saturday criticized the “deliberate silence of foreign sponsors of chaos and violence in Iran with regard to (…) terrorist actions in several Iranian cities.” It is the “duty of the international community” to “condemn the recent terrorist attacks in Iran and not offer safe haven to extremists,” it said.

Ten people, including a woman, two children and a security official, were killed in two separate attacks in the cities of Iseh and Isfahan on Wednesday, state media and hospitals said. According to state news agency Irna, two members of the pro-government Basij militia were also stabbed in the northeastern city of Mashhad when they tried to crack down on “rioters”.

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