Insta photos deleted – making love with Alisha Lehmann and Luiz?

Breaking up with a football star?

Alisha Lehmann deletes her boyfriend on Insta

Is it over with Alisha Lehmann and boyfriend Douglas Luiz? At least that’s what her Instagram account suggests. The footballer deleted all photos with the Brazilian.


Alisha Lehmann posted this photo in January 2022 announcing her relationship with soccer player Douglas Luiz.

In November 2021, videos from Alisha Lehmann (23) and Douglas Luiz circulated on social networks for the first time. They went public with their relationship in January. After almost a year, it seems that everything is over.

There is not a single picture on the footballer’s Instagram profile in which she is wearing a Brazilian Aston Villa boot – and there were many. If you look at the 24-year-old’s account, you can see the same thing. The native of Bern can only be seen in a series of photos from his birthday on May 10. However, both still follow each other.

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