In the aftermath: Now Johnny Depp’s drug addict doctor has also testified

The trial of Johnny Depp (58) and Amber Heard (35) never ends. A few days ago, the legal dispute between the Pirates of the Caribbean star and the actress moved to the next round. The movie star has accused his ex-wife of defamation after taking him to court for alleged domestic abuse. The father-of-two’s friends and family have already testified at the hearing. Now it was too much Johnny’s Addiction doctor heard in court.

Like The envelope reported that the doctor treated the 58-year-old for his addiction to alcohol and drugs. In doing so, Dr. David Kipper gets some insight into the former couple’s relationship. So the doctor talked about text messages in which Johnny talk to him about his fights with amber informed, and therefore discovered the discrepancies. The actor wrote to David in 2015 that he cut his fingertip. However, his lawyers claimed the Aquaman actress injured him by throwing a bottle.

Besides, the doctor also gave details about the Hollywood star’s treatment. The father of two kept wanting to interrupt therapy. There were always problems during weaning and Johnny was sometimes angry that Dr. Kipper insisted he take his medication.

Amber Heard, actress
Johnny Depp, April 2022
Johnny Depp, actor

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