I should be 60 points ahead of the others!

(Motorsport-Total.com) – After the failure in Mexico, Fernando Alonso vented his anger. For the fifth time in the 2022 Formula 1 season, the Spaniard did not see the checkered flag and again many points slipped through his fingers. On course for P7, Alonso suffered engine failure in Mexico, but at least there shouldn’t be another grid penalty.

Fernando Alonso in Brazil on Thursday in the media


However, various issues this year mean the Alpine driver is still 71 to 82 points behind his team-mate Esteban Ocon in the championship, and is ahead of McLaren rival Lando Norris by 111 points in the drivers’ standings.

Asked if ninth in the World Cup reflected his true success, Alonso replied in Brazil: “Yes, of course. I should be 60 points ahead of any other midfield this year.”

Alonso: To compensate, I should be “very lucky” in 2023.

Despite the engine failure in Mexico, Alonso faces no further grid penalty this season: “It should be fine because I have another new engine that we introduced in Austin. It was only used on Saturday and Sunday in Austin. In Mexico it was a completely different engine, so I’ll still have a new engine for Brazil and Abu Dhabi.”

Still, he hopes to make up for this season’s bad luck with a bit more luck in the upcoming Aston Martin season: “I think after 2022 I’ll be very lucky with everything next year. It’s been amazing this year.”

“I know there was a lot of talk after Mexico: five DNFs this year with engine problems, but there were four other races I finished without a battery or things like Austria where the car didn’t start or I lost. lap during the pit stop, so it was amazing to go 20 races and have problems in about nine, that’s almost 50 percent of the races,” Alonso said.

Alonso 2022 without a podium? “Lost Through My Own Fault”

Although Alpine 2022 appears to have the best car in the midfield, unlike last year it has yet to score a podium this season. In 2021, Esteban Ocon even surprisingly won the race in Hungary.

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However, it is not particularly surprising for Alonso that he has not been on the podium this season, as the top six places are usually occupied by the top teams. So far, Lando Norris was the only non-top driver who made it into the top three at Imola. However, Alonso mourns some missed opportunities in the first third of the season.

“I think we have [dieses Jahr] no win because what happened last year in Hungary may not happen in 100 years,” said the alpine pilot. “And then the podium, I don’t know, maybe we had a chance in Canada and maybe we had a chance in Australia. .”

“But we lost that through our own fault. But yeah, I think we’re kind of like last year, only McLaren went down a notch. That’s why we’re fighting for fourth place. But if you’re not fighting for the championship, it doesn’t matter if you finish fifth or fourth.”

Alonso before Brazil: Finally back to the finish line!

In recent races, the fight for fourth place in the Constructors’ Cup has been going back and forth. Still, Alpine seems to have the upper hand lately, but McLaren has always been able to capitalize on the French team’s mistakes and leave the team duel open.

Therefore, when asked what the checkered flag will be in Brazil, Alonso gives a clear answer: “To see the checkered flag! I think every time I saw the checkered flag this year, I finished ahead of the McLarens. It didn’t happen as often as I would have liked, but if we finish the race here and in Abu Dhabi, we will finish ahead of them.”

When asked if luck and bad luck will match him in the future, he adds: “Yes, but I think that Charles Leclerc, Carlos Sainz, George [Russell] or many other drivers have either not won a single Formula 1 race or will never win a championship. I was very lucky to win two.”

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