How long does laryngitis last?

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How long does laryngitis last?

Good news: Acute laryngitis they usually heal quickly on their own. Inflammation of the mucous membranes and vocal cords lasts usually just a few days. Laryngitis goes away with the triggering cold or flu. To promote the healing process, you should rest your voice. talk little If speaking is unavoidable, speak at a normal volume as there is a misconception that whispering will help a voice that is struggling. In fact, whispering puts extra strain on the vocal cords.

These are the symptoms

The voice is formed in the larynx. If the larynx is inflamed, you will almost always hear it with voice changes. Depending on the severity of the inflammation, a complete loss of voice may also occur. The main symptoms of laryngitis are

  • hoarseness
  • loss of voice
  • Sore throat
  • cough and expectoration

Severe bacterial or viral laryngitis can also cause fever in those affected. Swollen mucous membranes in the larynx can also cause difficulty swallowing. Some people also complain of a feeling of a foreign body in the throat, which in turn increases the constant gargling and dry cough.

These home remedies help with ailments

Depending on the cause of laryngitis, you may be prescribed medication to treat laryngitis. Bacterial laryngitis is often treated with antibiotics.

Anyone who gets laryngitis after a cold or flu can help the healing process with home remedies as well. inhalation they are suitable for moistening the mucous membranes. That also Drinking water and teas it is important not to dry out the mucous membranes.

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