How annoying digital life can be in 22½ great memes and tweets

Many things in life are easier with modern technology. But not all of them. Sometimes related problems drive you crazy. After all, thanks to the Internet, we can (also) laugh about it…

You’re trying to prove to the internet that you’re not a robot.


Select all squares with hydrants.

…and probably fail.


You can’t even go to the bathroom without your smartphone.


Before you know it, you’re old for anything.


From the “I’m Getting Old” section: One kid saw this and said, “You 3D printed a save icon.”

Parents and emoticons…

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I have to teach my parents how to use emoticons.

Your uncle Mark died 💀

Similarly bitter but hearty: grandparents and abbreviations.

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I hear you have an iPhone now. How do you like it?


This fate befalls us all sooner or later.

I used to wonder why my parents couldn’t understand technology, but now every time I see something new, I think to myself, “I’m not going to learn that.”

Old problem with new password.


Enter password.
Reset password.
“The new password cannot be the same as the old password.”

We’ll have to do the dishes again soon anyway.

My dishwasher won’t start until I update the firmware over WiFi.

Because these days you have to recharge the batteries of your curling iron, cigarettes and smart tampons.

Bild reddit“/>

Not only do they need all the batteries, they also need love.

Bild twitter“/>

Desktop folder naming? A sweaty affair.


In doubt about «asdf».

Inserting a USB flash drive is a gamble you can never win.


Or in other words:


In the past: you looked at the clock and knew the time.

Even search engines are not doing their job.

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What does idk mean?

I don’t know.

You can’t even properly punish your children anymore…


My cousin is texting this girl. Apparently she’s grounded and doesn’t have a phone. My cousin created a google doc and now they are texting in edit mode.

And the question: Can students actually still write?


And suddenly you don’t get the job done as accurately anymore.


If you press “Restart” instead of “Shutdown”.

But first, do some updates. Maybe. Rather not. Never.


I tell my computer to update everything tomorrow.

When everything is finally installed as it should, and then …


Easily gained, easily lost.

Making decisions on social media is somehow harder.


I choose a major
I choose songs for my Instagram stories



Relatives: Are you busy?

No why?

*Incoming video call*

And of course you won’t sleep either.


“I’m going to bed early tonight.”
I share memes at 1am


24 people who fail because of modern technology


24 people who fail because of modern technology

Battery fire hazard. You do it in an emergency.

Video: srf

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