Hollywood star Sean Penn presents President Zelensky with his Oscar

Sean Penn gives Volodymyr Zelenskyi his Oscar.Image: www.imago-images.de

As an actor, he was denied this award, but as the president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyi has now received an Oscar. Sean Penn gave him his as a symbol.

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Former film actor and current Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy received an Oscar on Tuesday. The coveted trophy was presented to him as a gift by Hollywood star Sean Penn, the press service of the presidential office reported. The golden boy came from the property of an American actor and should now serve as a “symbol of faith in victory” for Ukraine.

“I feel a lot better knowing that part of me is here,” said the two-time Oscar winner, who won best actor for “Mystic River” in 2004 and “Milk” in 2009. During his visit, he reported president on the status of his new film project. Penn has been working on a film about Zelensky and Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine for some time, and this year is the third time he has visited Kyiv.

Sean Penn receives the Medal of Merit

Penn also received a great honor. The 62-year-old man, who takes care of war refugees with his humanitarian organization “Core”, was awarded the Order of Merit by Zelenskyi for his support of Ukraine.

Until his election as president in 2019, Volodymyr Zelenskyy entertained Ukrainians as a comedian and actor – and had no political experience. His path to the presidency is similar to the script of his popular TV series Servant of the People, which premiered on Ukrainian television in 2015. In the political comedy, Zelenskyy plays a teacher who suddenly becomes the president of Ukraine after a video of him railing against corruption in the country.

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