His fiancee predicts his death over chat, but he mourns

“You Will Die”

Fiancée threatened to kill Aaron Carter

Aaron Carter died on Saturday, his fiancee Melanie Martin wishing him the worst via text just a few days earlier – it can be seen in a video that the singer posted on the Internet.


Aaron Carter and his fiancée Melanie Martin were in an on-off relationship in 2020.

Singer Aaron Carter († 34) and his fiancee Melanie Martin (30) have had a turbulent relationship since the beginning of 2020. Despite everything, their child was born in November 2021. Carter was found dead by his housekeeper on Saturday morning.

In an Instagram Live video days before Carter’s death, his fiance texted him, “You’re going to die.” The musician mocks her already at the beginning of the video when she receives text messages. At first, the singer just says that she should leave him alone. However, when another text message arrives for Carter, he sees black. Content: “If what you’re doing is true, you won’t end up alive. You’re going to die.” The pop star comments on the message: “Wow, that’s fucked up.”

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