His car was riddled with bullet holes

After a mysterious accidental death

The car of Russian Deputy Governor Stremoussov († 45) is full of bullet holes

Shortly before the Russian withdrawal from Kherson, the Kremlin announced the death of Kherson vice-governor Kirill Stremoussov († 45). His mysterious death has caused much speculation. Now new photos of his car are said to have appeared.


Deputy governor of Kherson Kirill Stremoussow († 45) died last Wednesday in an accident.

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Carla De-VizziNews editor

Exactly one week ago, Deputy Governor Kirill Stremoussow († 45), appointed by Russia, died allegedly tragically. As the Kremlin announced, the deputy chief of the Kherson region died in a car accident – his driver survived the collision.

Spicy: A few hours after the announcement of the tragic incident, Russia announced the withdrawal from Kherson. Therefore, Ukrainian experts claimed that the accident was staged. And a week later, new photos of the crashed vehicle are circulating on Twitter – fueling further speculation.

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