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Madeleine Sigrist

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It’s like that with the quotes. There are people who believe that you can emphasize words in a sentence by putting them in quotation marks. However, many do not realize that the meaning of the actual statement has completely changed. But it’s all the funnier for everyone else. 🙂


In other words: go!


But your own children are fine, right?


In quotes because everyone knows that Bill Gates is actually a lizard.

So… With lots of Speuz or what?


So probably not in this millennium. Or is that the name of the cafe?


So minimal risk. But a little maybe.

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But don’t be surprised…


Well, not quite live. Maybe with a delay?

When it comes to “fresh”, you should always pay attention.


I would risk it.

This supermarket got it. The vegetables are finally red.

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“CLOSED”. So open?

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“Lisa”. A well-known name in hairdressing.

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oh oh Elephant eggs for breakfast again.

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To some extent: “Accident quite nice!”

The problem with quotation marks is of course known not only in our region, but also in English-speaking countries…

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“Stairs” – or maybe just a black hole.


“Security Officer” – The sign is probably correct.


When you “want it on a stick”, do we do it “if we can”? Why does this sign inadvertently trigger fantasies?


Timmy goes on a trip with “Officer” Sandusky.

Renn, Timmy!

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What does this «Second Service» include and why do I have fantasies again?


Two of the “good” people in life.

Sorry Jen and Ted – they sure don’t mean it.


He wants to deceive us! Better not to vote for him.


Pssst: That’s shit.

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This would make a nice motivational quote for an office wall. And don’t lie, thanks for the quotes.


Is anyone missing their child?


“Proud mother.

Are you sure Karen?

Thank you for “reading” this far. It had to be “fun”.

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Also “beautiful”:

Der Deppen Leerschlag.

Another quote failed:


30 Misquotes That Are Unintentionally “Funny”

“Don’t look at my cock!”

Video: Watson

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