Here another Prince of Monaco salutes

Charlene from Monaco shares a photo of her twins on the national holiday. Jacques appears in uniform and salutes like his father.


the essentials in a nutshell

  • Charlene from Monaco shares a photo of her children on the national holiday.
  • Jacques imitates his father in uniform and salutes.
  • Although he is younger than his sister Gabriella, he is the heir.

Monaco celebrated its national day on Saturday. The small principality was found out as usual. Prince Albert (64), Charlène of Monaco (44) and family appeared on the balcony and waved to people.

Twins Gabriella and Jacque (both 8) took the opportunity to dress up for the occasion. Gabriella chose a rather simple outfit with a red sheath skirt and a black hat. Her brother, on the other hand, got angry, he probably wanted to copy his father and compete with him.

He chose a uniform: dark blue trousers with a red stripe, a black jacket with a white belt and a tie. A decent hat and white gloves. He kept it on the balcony while his father waved his bare hand.

Charlene from Monaco, a proud mum, shared a photo of the children. Much to the delight of Royal fans. The picture received over 50,000 likes and over 1,000 comments on Instagram.

Do you follow the life of the Monaco royal family?

In a photograph in a palace room, Jacque stands at attention and salutes confidently. He also salutes at the parade, but this time he looks at his father much more uncertainly. Jacques will one day replace Albert on the throne. Although Gabriella is two minutes older, men have priority in the line of succession to the throne of Monaco.

Again and again there are rumors of a crisis in the marriage of Prince Albert and Charlene of Monaco. The two often appear together, but the former professional swimmer in particular often looks quite unhappy.

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