Help from Switzerland: How an oligarch circumvents sanctions

Switzerland makes it possible

Oligarch bypasses sanctions with tricks

Not all oligarchs have to part with their companies and stocks to protect the companies from sanctions. This could be the case of Russian billionaire Andrei Melnichenko (50) and his wife Alexandra (45).


Andrej Melnichenko is the founder of…

Is Switzerland closing its eyes to the oligarch? Many super-rich Russians are now on the EU sanctions list and are also sanctioned by Switzerland. So that the companies they control do not suffer too much damage, some have sold their shares or entire companies. As in the case of Roman Abramovich (55), who had to sell his football club Chelsea.

Others seem to get away with it more easily, as the “Tagesanzeiger” suspects. It may even happen that the Russian billionaire Andrey Melnicchenko (50) and his wife Alexandra (45) will manage to circumvent the sanctions with the help of Switzerland.

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