Heinz Winkler: Shortly after his death, his widow cleared his account

Shortly after his death

The widow of star chef Heinz Winkler cleared the account

Star chef Heinz Winkler died almost a month ago, and not long after, the question of his million-dollar inheritance arose – the widow left empty-handed, but according to information from the German media, she is said to have enjoyed her husband’s account.


Serious allegations against the widow of star chef Heinz Winkler, Daniela Winkler.

Star chef Heinz Winkler († 73) died on October 28 after a heart attack in his native Bavaria and was buried last Tuesday. The funeral ceremony was also attended by his widow Daniela Winkler (61), about whom unpleasant details are now surfacing. According to Bild, shortly after his death she emptied the account that was intended for Winkler’s death. It was said to be an amount of almost 15,000 francs, but exactly 2,612.67 francs she did not touch.

“Bild” also reports that the Germans are not among the heirs to his millions of dollars. The main representative of the star chef, Marianne Lauber (58), confirmed to the newspaper: “She signed a marriage contract in which she waived the mandatory portion.” Otherwise, Heinz Winkler wouldn’t have married her.” Winkler wanted to break up with Daniela on good terms so that he could be with Alicia Maas (26). The two were a couple for two years, Maas worked as a sous-chef at Winkler’s Residenz restaurant.

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