Heidi Klum is thinking about having a baby with her Tom

Is Heidi Klum’s family planning not done yet? The almost 50-year-old woman seems to be thinking about pregnancy again.


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  • Heidi Klum is apparently considering having a baby with Tom Kaulitz.
  • However, the forty-nine-year-old woman is aware that it would not be easy given her age.

Heidi Klum (49) has been living with Tom Kaulitz (33) for four and a half years. The ex-model and the musician have no children together, but Tom acts as stepfather to Heidi’s four children. Apparently not good enough for beauty. Because, as she has now revealed, she can imagine having a baby with Tom.

In an interview with “US Sun”, the 49-year-old woman said that she is again thinking about expanding her family. But Heidi also remains realistic, saying: “Wanting and actually being able to do it are always two different things.”

She states that it wouldn’t be that easy to get pregnant again given her age. 50 is just around the corner and the older you get, the harder it gets, says Heidi. “But would I want it?” Finally, he asks himself the question again and then replies, “Sometimes I think so.”

Heidi Klum’s children

Heidi Klum has four children so far: Nesthäkchen Lou (13), daughter Leni (18), son Henry (17) and son Johan (15). British singer Seal (59) is the biological father of three of the four children.

Do you think Heidi Klum will have another baby?

Leni Klum’s biological father is Italian sports and industrial manager Flavio Briatore (72). But Seal adopted the 18-year-old nearly 15 years ago.

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