Health – Hotspot Krumpendorf: An exciting lecture about the thyroid gland and vitamin D


Die Healthy village of Krumpendorf invited together with Krumpendorf Pharmacy and society Genericon for an interesting lecture on this topic “Thyroid and Vitamin D in the Time of COVID-19”.

The speaker was an internationally recognized specialist in the field of thyroid disease and specialist in internal medicine, Mgr Lecturer Dr. Karen Amrein to be won. She gave a comprehensive insight into the topic, the functions of the thyroid gland, diagnoses and therapy options. Thyroid disease affects a large number of people and requires regular monitoring (usually every 1-2 years).

In addition, several studies have been presented that emphasize the importance of vitamin D. Vitamin D deficiency affects about 40% of the total population in Europe. Vitamin D is important for many organ systems, so it makes sense to take vitamin D, especially in the winter months.

“The great interest and many participants underline the importance of the topic,” said health practitioner Dr. Steindl and thanked the new Head of Pharmacy Krumpendorf, Mag. Paul Hauser The same like at Genericon, Dr. Andrew Perctold for the implementation of the event.

The healthy village of Krumpendorf – a successful balance sheet

“This year alone, more than 30 health promotion events have taken place in Krumpendorf as part of the healthy community, reaching more than 1,000 people,” says health professional Dr. Markus Steindl has a positive balance sheet.

In this context, Steindl also thanked the federal state of Carinthia and the state of health for their good cooperation and active support.

Mayor Gernot Bürger underlined the importance of the successful Healthy Community project, which is also celebrating its 20th anniversary this year throughout Carinthia.

More lectures are planned

  • November 18 at 7 p.m. in Festsaal Krumpendorf: lecture”Alternative treatment methods” with Peter Hochgruber


  • November 21 at 7 p.m. in the Krumpendorf festival hall: Blackout lecture” with Oberst iR Gottfried Pausch
  • November 22 at 6 p.m. in the Krumpendorf festival hall: lecture”10 secrets of happiness – overcoming personal crises” with Melanie Pereira-Arnstein

(All admission free!)

Caption for group photo from left to right:
M.Sc. Hauser (head of the Krumpendorf pharmacy, lecturers Dr. Amrein, Dr. Perktold (Genericon) and health officer Dr. Steindl

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