He was 36. The star hairdresser Sebastian Böhm dies of leukemia.

Make-up artist and hairstylist Sebastian Böhm put his hand on the hair of Andrea Berg, Hein and Tokio Hotel.

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He is said to have already beaten blood cancer during his return last year: now Sebastian Böhm, stylist to the stars, has succumbed to it.

Pop icon Shakira (45) and top model Heidi Klum (49) ventured under his scissors, and Tokio Hotel singer Bill Kaulitz (33) was one of Sebastian Böhm’s (36) customers.

Last Saturday, the founder of the salon “Hairricane” died in Magdeburg.

In 2020, the star hairdresser was diagnosed with leukemia – he also allegedly beat the disease. However, in 2021 the blood cancer returned and this time it was stronger than Sebastian Böhm.

Not even a gift of stem cells could save the make-up artist. “Hairricane” wrote on Facebook: “We are deeply shocked and saddened to tell you that our beloved Basti has left us…”

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