“He is not a decent person”. Tomaso Trussardi complains about Michelle Hunziker’s summer fling.

In an interview, Tomaso Trussardi condemned Michelle’s summer flirtation – he was not a decent person. He also defends himself against persistent rumors about him and the mother of his children.

Are they a couple again or not? What does “There’s only one woman for me and that’s Michelle” mean? Rumors about Tomas Trussardi and Michelle Hunziker don’t stop. Trussardi has now commented on his feelings for Michelle in an interview – as well as her summer flirtation with Giovanni Angiolini.

Previously, photos appeared that show that the former partners are very familiar with each other. The 45-year-old man also did not rule out the renewal of the relationship with Trussardi in “Bunte”.

Thomas Gottschalk’s allusions in the past “Wetten, dass…?” show that she skillfully covered up. She just smiled at the moderator’s comments.

The rage seems to run deep

While Michelle Hunziker tries to hold back on the details, Tomaso Trussardi doesn’t mince words. In the Italian newspaper “Corriere”, he condemned the image that the media had created about him in recent weeks and months: all the rumors “were about a well-known person or a show business personality”, but he was not.

He manages to refute these rumors only partially, although he cannot hide something in the interview: anger at Michelle’s summer flirtation with the Italian doctor Giovanni Angiolini (41). Trussardi said of him: “A man who is in a relationship in crisis with a married woman and the mother of two little girls cannot be a decent person for me.”

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