Harry Styles was attacked by skittles – and hit squarely in the eye


A painful incident occurred at a Harry Styles concert in Los Angeles. A fan threw candy at the singer – and hit him in the eye.

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“Love on Tour” is the name of Harry Styles’ music tour. But instead of love, something completely different was flying through the air…

But first from the beginning.

When Harry Styles took the stage in Los Angeles on Monday, he likely meant no harm. The performance was the last stop of the “Love on Tour” in the USA until January – now he is going to South America, where the fans will hopefully be a little nicer to him.

After performing his song As It Was, the 28-year-old musician thanked his fans for coming and blew them kisses. And then suddenly something happened that no one expected:

A handful of skittles suddenly fly out of the crowd towards Harry Styles – hitting him right in the eye. Videos circulating on Twitter show the singer freaking out and covering his face with his hands. Then she narrows her eyes and blows more air kisses to her viewers as if nothing happened. He gets a lot of encouragement from his fans:

The one who threw the skittles got less encouragement. Many users want to get back at the offender or deal with the shock with humor:

And the official Twitter page of the Skittles confectionery manufacturer also commented on the incident in Los Angeles:

In a live stream on Instagram, Harry’s bandmate Pauli Lovejoy announced that Harry was “fine”. Commenting on this live stream, Harry said, “I might have to wear an eyepatch for the next show.”

Hopefully he was just kidding.


Rolling Stones rock Letzigrund


Rolling Stones rock Letzigrund

source: epa/keystone / walter beeri

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