Giorgia Meloni will be Roberto Saviano im Knast sehen


ItalyGiorgia Meloni wants to see the world-famous anti-mafia journalist in prison

The trial of the renowned anti-mafia journalist Roberto Saviano began in Rome. He described Giorgia Meloni as a “bastard”.

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Roberto Saviano appeared in court in Rome on November 15.


He is accused of defaming politicians.

He is accused of defaming politicians.


Giorgia Meloni resents Saviano calling her names

Giorgia Meloni is upset that Saviano calls her a “bastard”.

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In Rome, one of the new heads of government Giorgia Meloni proceedings launched two years ago against a journalist known for his mafia research Roberto Saviano he has begun. In a brief statement outside the courthouse on Tuesday, the author again criticized Meloni’s controversial immigration policy, which is the background to the lawsuit.

Meloni is accusing Saviano of defamation after the 43-year-old called her a “bastard” on a TV show. Saviano, known for his anti-mafia bestseller Gomora, faces up to three years in prison.

Salvini also complains

A TV show from December 2020, when Meloni’s ultra-right brothers were still a small opposition party in Italy, was about Italy’s refugee policy. Saviano criticized Meloni and the right-wing populist Matthew Salvini, who is now Meloni’s ally in the new Italian government.

The journalist indirectly blamed the two politicians for the death of a six-month-old baby in the sinking of the refugee boat, saying: “I just want to say to Meloni and Salvini: ‘You bastards, how could you?'” Meloni then went to court, Salvini has since joined her as a joint plaintiff.

Saviano has been living in the shelter since 2006

44-year-old Roberto Saviano grew up in Naples. When his father treated a Camorra victim against their will in the 1980s, he was beaten as a warning. In 2006, the studied philosopher published the book “Gomorrah”, in which he described in detail the practices of organized crime. As a result, he had to be placed under police protection due to death threats: since then he has been living in hiding in ever-changing locations.


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