Gil Ofarim receives a lot of criticism for his participation in “La Passion”

On April 13, RTL broadcasts the live show “Die Passion” in prime time – Gil Ofarim also takes part in the musical event in Essen. There is now speculation on Twitter as to whether the broadcaster should have removed him from the follower role. In addition to the hashtag #DiePassion, Gil Ofarim is also trending, because many cannot believe that despite the alleged defamation of a hotel employee in Leipzig, there are no consequences for the musician.

“It’s a shame that Gil Ofarim has a role,” wrote one user. He had “maximum trouble” for the Jews in Germany. In his place, I would have retired for a long time. But some people have no honor. Others remind the artist standing with Jesus at the Eighth Commandment event:

Some users do detective work and look very closely – they miss Gil Ofarim’s necklace, which he himself said he would never take off. The Twitter bubble also seems to agree that Gil Ofarim shouldn’t have been offered a stage just yet. The fact that Jesus doesn’t have the typical long hair in “The Passion” apparently also encourages some Twitter users to joke about Ofarim: “Gil Ofarim has looked like this all his life and now he has to watch Alexander Klaws give Jesus away.”

The presumption of innocence also applies to Gil Ofarim

The fact is that although there have been charges, Gil Ofarim has not yet been convicted. As a result, the court has yet to decide whether the artist actually lied. RTL also took this into account when deciding to continue working with the musician. “Gil Ofarim is presumed innocent until convicted. This is why the 39-year-old continues to be a part of ‘The Passion’,” the broadcaster said in a recent statement.

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