Gil Ofarim misses the deadline


14. April 2022 – 16:19 look

In October 2021, Gil Ofarim claimed that an employee of the “Westin” hotel in Leipzig had insulted him in an anti-Semitic way – he then filed a complaint. In late March, however, investigations against the employee were dropped because, contrary to Ofarim’s claims, there were not enough suspicions. The Leipzig public prosecutor’s office has now announced that the singer has not lodged a complaint against this – and that all investigations against the hotel employee are therefore definitely closed.

So says the Leipzig public prosecutor’s office

“The proceedings against the hotel employee were dismissed by order of March 31. Mr. Ofarim did not file a complaint, so the hiring is final.”the spokesperson said in a statement.

Briefly explained, this means that the 39-year-old and his lawyers allowed the time limit within which they should have defended themselves against the stay of proceedings to expire.

Video: Prosecutors file charges against Gil Ofarim

The Leipzig public prosecutor’s office still has a case against Gil Ofarim. The 39-year-old is charged with false suspicion and defamation. The district court in Leipzig will decide in the near future whether to allow proceedings against the musician. It is therefore not yet possible to predict whether or when a trial might take place. (for)

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