From Frankfurt and Munich: Finnair flies to Las Vegas and Tampa for Eurowings Discover

Now it’s settled: the Finnish airline is flying wet lease for the vacation plane. From May, Finnair will operate three US routes for Eurowings Discover.

Finnair is particularly affected by the closure of Russian airspace. The airline can no longer economically operate many flights to East Asia. For now, it no longer flies to Osaka, Nagoya, Sapporo and Fukuoka. As a result, their planes are underutilized.

Finnair is therefore looking for additional income, for example through wet leasing orders. What aeroTELEGRAPH had already reported at the end of March, the airline has now confirmed in a submission to the US Department of Transportation. It announces that it has reached an agreement with Eurowings Discover and that it will operate flights to the United States for the holiday airline Lufthansa from May 15.

Three routes to the United States

Specifically, Finnair will operate the Frankfurt – Las Vegas, Frankfurt – Tampa and Munich – Las Vegas routes for Eurowings Discover, as stated in the request to the Department of Transport. For flights, the airline is requesting permission to add the Iata codes Lufthansa (LH), Swiss (LX) and Austrian Airlines (OS).

With nine active Airbus A330s, the Eurowings Discover fleet is tightened for all the new destinations it wishes to serve this summer. In Frankfurt alone there are long-haul connections to Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, Fort Myers, Anchorage, Phoenix, Halifax, Calgary, Panama City, Victoria Falls and Kilimanjaro. Finnair would then also have to fly the A330 for the airline. It is still unclear which aircraft will be used specifically.

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