France: Two buildings suddenly collapsed in the center of Lille

Large-scale rescue operation

Two buildings in the center of Lille suddenly collapsed

In Lille, northern France, two buildings collapsed on Saturday morning. According to firefighters, there were no casualties. A large-scale rescue operation is still in full swing.


The collapse occurred around 09:15 on a street frequented by shopping tourists.

Two buildings collapsed in the center of the northern French city of Lille. The victims were not initially discovered. An extensive rescue operation is currently underway, the situation is still being investigated, the fire department said on Saturday morning.

The newspaper “La Voix du Nord” reported that renovation work had taken place in one of the two neighboring buildings near the historic main square. A newspaper photographer witnessed the collapse on his way to the newsroom. First, stones broke out of the facade, and then the buildings collapsed. The adjacent hotel was evacuated.

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