Formula 1: Finally applause for Alfa-Sauber at the GP of Brazil

Finally, another round of applause for Hinwiler

Bottas: “Safety Car cost us some championship points”

For once, Alfa-Sauber didn’t have to make excuses or try to dress up at the Brazilian GP. While Bottas is happy, he “had fun” and would have scored even more points without the safety car, things didn’t go smoothly for Zhou.


Mission accomplished: Bottas leaves Aston Martin Mercedes behind in São Paulo.

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Roger BenoitFormula 1 expert

In São Paulo, it was once again a pleasure to watch the Alfa-Sauber race. In particular, Valtteri Bottas (33) returned to his old fighting strength, finishing 9th behind the top four teams – aka The Best of the Rest! “We could have gone even better, but the safety car at the end didn’t help us much: it erased the advantage we had over the cars behind us,” said Bottas. He’s happy anyway.

And with the Finn finishing a second ahead of Stroll, it’s now 55:50 for Alfa-Sauber in the race for sixth place in the World Championship. Her teammates were close behind: 11th Vettel, 12th Zhou. After eleven races with just two 10th places, there were finally no signs of strategy errors in the penultimate GP of the season.

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