Former FIFA president Sepp Blatter takes shots at the World Association and Infantino


Sepp Blatter demands tough consequences for Iran.

Shortly before the start of the World Cup, Sepp Blatter makes a big splash. As part of a think tank lecture in the Ringier press building, the 86-year-old harshly criticized FIFA and the organizers of the World Cup.

It’s no longer a secret that he called being assigned to the desert state a “mistake” and a “bad choice.” But now he does not dwell on other hot topics related to the tournament. He does not understand that Iran, which is heavily criticized internationally for its oppression of women, is still on the list of participants. Protests against the mullahs’ regime have been ongoing in the Islamic country for weeks. Blatter calls for harsh consequences: “Iran should be banned from the World Cup.” Finally, due to the war of aggression against Ukraine, Russia should not be involved either. He insists that if he were still FIFA president, he would exclude Iran, who are in Group B with England, Wales and the USA.

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