For tips: Black Friday – how to see through the price tricks of sellers


Professional tipsBlack Friday – this is how you see the price tricks of merchants

Expected low price, outdated equipment – there are a few stumbling blocks on Black Friday. A bargain expert will tell you how to find real bargains and where to hurry.

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Bargain hunters beware: Many retailers are doing Black Friday all week.

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Retailers and manufacturers such as Amorana, Christ, Dyson Digitec, Interdiscount, Jelmoli, Livique, Microspot, Melectronics, Sunrise and many more are already offering Black Friday deals.

Retailers and manufacturers such as Amorana, Christ, Dyson Digitec, Interdiscount, Jelmoli, Livique, Microspot, Melectronics, Sunrise and many more are already offering Black Friday deals.

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New iPhones sell out fast every year,…

New iPhones sell out fast every year,…


It’s about it

  • Black Friday is just a few days away.

  • However, most sellers tempt you with special offers in advance.

  • A shopping pro tells what the pitfalls are with alleged bargains.

Shopping day is Black Friday. But many merchants are already inviting events. Julian Zrotz, CEO of Patoc, the company behind and, says what to look out for when looking for bargains.

Where are the Black Friday deals now?

With almost everyone. Retailers and manufacturers like Amorana, Christ, Dyson Digitec, Interdiscount, Livique, Microspot, Melectronics, Sunrise and many more are doing Black Friday all week. “More than 70 percent of retailers have events before Friday. The best deals start on Monday, Wednesday and of course on Black Friday itself,” says Julian Zrotz.

Which is better, buy now or wait for Black Friday?

“The right hunter will buy now and send the product back if it is available somewhere cheaper later. But that is not sustainable,” says Zrotz. She recommends waiting until Friday to see all the deals before shopping. “Except for the price trend on the comparison page, which shows that the product is cheaper than ever,” says Zrotz.

Where is it urgent because the products could sell out quickly?

“Especially with peaks, i.e. with particularly cheap offers. Bestsellers like the new iPhones, Playstation 5 and some Lego sets also sell out quickly every year,” says Zrotz.

Can I participate in promotions without hesitation?

No, not every Black Friday sale is the best price, as these price comparisons show (as of November 21, 2022):

  • Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute vacuum cleaner
    Black Friday campaign at Interdiscount for around CHF 419.90
    But and Google Shopping refer to the Melectronics campaign for CHF 379.
    When asked, Interdiscount spokeswoman Elianne Egli said the vacuum cleaner had never cost less than 519.90 francs at Interdiscount and that it was the second cheapest offer on the Swiss market.

  • Samsung Galaxy Watch 5
    Black Friday deal at Fust for CHF 219.90
    However, shows that the Foletti watch costs only 204.55 francs at regular price.

  • Xbox Series S
    Microsoft Store Black Friday deal for 248 CHF
    However, shows that the console costs 222 francs on sale at Microspot.

  • Apple Air Pods Max
    Black Friday promotion at Conrad for CHF 503.95
    However, shows the headphones costing less than 450 francs from several retailers.

How do I find real deals, do I have to search multiple sites?

“You need to visit at least one price comparison site to find a good deal,” says Zrotz. Here you can also see how long the product has been available through price history. “You don’t fall into the trap of having outdated equipment from last year,” says Zrotz.

The bargain professional recommends the following price comparisons:

  • for electronics

  • Google Shopping: for perfume, clothes and furniture

  • to compare Amazon sites in Germany, France or Italy

  • Price Pirate and Blackfriday offer: for selected offers

1 million packages per label

For Swiss Post, Black Friday is the peak season for parcels in the year after Christmas. It expects to deliver an average of almost a million packages a day to Swiss households during this time – 60 percent more than usual. For this reason, Swiss Post has increased the number of employees compared to the previous year 230 full-time logistics positions and hired 500 additional temporary employees for this time.

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