Florian David Fitz would “not lack rigor” as a teacher

Updated on 04/14/2022, 00:00

  • Florian David Fitz plays a cynical sports teacher in the cinematic comedy “Enclosed Society”.
  • In the interview, the actor talks about his special look and reveals how he experienced his own school years.

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On April 14, the comedy “Enclosed Society” starts in German cinemas. In Sönke Wortmann’s film, based on a screenplay by best-selling author Jan Weiler, six teachers have to talk to an ambitious father shortly before the start of the weekend. Among them: the beloved and cynical sports teacher Peter Mertens, played by Florian David Fitz.

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“My blue tracksuit really didn’t smell any better after filming. I can’t recommend the synthetic fibers to anyone for several weeks. And the toupee on the chest was also special,” Fitz said in an interview with the news agency on the news of her special teacher’s look in the movie. “But I thought it was very funny – and I still had the best costume.”

Colleague Anke Engelke, who plays the precocious and unpopular Heidi Lohmann, had to deal with a woolen outfit and wig while filming in Cologne, Fitz explains. “But Anke doesn’t sweat, she can suppress it. On the other hand, I always took my pants off immediately and walked around in shorts and slippers,” the actor reveals.

Filming with colleagues had a ‘school country house feeling’

When it comes to chamber-drama type films that take place in one place and in a very small space, Fitz already has experience with productions such as “Der Vorname” – and this time he has no not regret his choice either. “I didn’t think it was bad at all. We had a yard where we could hang out, that was the most important thing.” The director’s way of working also helped to create a pleasant atmosphere. “Sönke likes to turn fast and efficiently and doesn’t drag anything. There is no cabin fever.”

On the set, the actor again met Justus von Dohnányi, with whom Fitz had already acted in films such as “Men’s Hearts” or “First Name”, and on the other hand “it was nice to get to know him other colleagues”. he says 47 years old. “Because we only shot in one location and everyone was always there, it felt like a school camp.”

He is known for motivating people to play games and “I managed to do it again this time. For example, we played charades with the most difficult terms possible. I guess in real life , in a teaching team, it’s not as fun as it was for us, “says Fitz. Could he imagine standing in front of a horde of students as a teacher himself? “I imagine that I could assert myself and get there. I wouldn’t lack rigor – but I would probably fail anyway,” he explains with a smile.

Here’s how Fitz looks back on his own school days

He “enjoyed his school years very much, I was very lucky”, continues the actor. “After a five in the interim report in ninth grade, I pulled myself together and thought I would participate now, so classes won’t be so boring.” English, Spanish, art and “pretty funny also chemistry” were among the actor’s favorite subjects.

Fitz has less fond memories of the lack of enthusiasm on the part of the faculty. “We had a professor who at one point, probably during his legal internship, wrote extremely long slides. And his lessons now consisted of putting them on the overhead projector and we had to copy them out. Every day. Then you wanted a kind of technical inspection “History is the best example, it should actually be one of the most exciting school subjects. Nobody demands that you have the coronation dates of all the Carolingians on it, whatever, but a rough idea of ​​where antiquity ends and where the Middle Ages and why would have to be for in to be a part of. It is also a direction in today’s world.”

Fitz, who recently confirmed he is a father, believes “there’s one thing you can’t take away from students: realizing that’s their whole event. It’s all the knowledge they’re being offered. . What they do with it is It’s over. Some understood it earlier, others maybe only during their studies or never. It’s funny: when nobody forces you anymore, when your own interest suddenly becomes decisive, you acquire knowledge in a completely different way.”

Time after high school was tough for Fitz

The period immediately after high school was “one of the most difficult times” for him, “because everything is open and the great freedom also acts as a great threat,” says Fitz. He finally decided to spend a year abroad and “pursue at least two of the things that interested me, acting and singing, and testing if I can do it at all”.

While in Boston, he also noticed differences with his native country. “I felt the German education system was stronger in comparison,” Fitz says of his personal experience. “I think it’s very important that you get some sort of basic education to orient yourself in the world. In the United States it’s more of a game.”

“Locked Society” was filmed under strict corona conditions last year. The current easing of measures “hasn’t quite reached it yet,” Fitz concludes. “I already had Corona and I don’t feel like having it again just yet. Isolation is always a logistical effort. That’s why I will continue to wear my mask for now – but no longer for selfish reasons.”
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