First Tesla Model S & Model X allocated for Europe >

Almost two years after the suspension from the beginning of 2021, the new Tesla Model S and Model X should be handed over to customers in Europe this December at the latest. The clearest signs of that came this week after Tesla promised to restart two premium electric cars outside of North America at least until the end of 2022: Several German customers reported being asked to foot the bill for their Model S or Model X Plaid. and Tesla circles have confirmed to that the first allocations have been made.

Tesla names date back to late November

The reason for the long hiatus was that in January 2021, Tesla introduced the Model S and Model X in a slightly refreshed form with the option of a new three-motor Plaid drive. Production of earlier versions was already stopped at the end of 2020, and even in the US it took until June 2021 for the first Model S Plaid to be delivered. The Model X Plaid is now available there as well as in Canada, and both EVs are also available in a normal all-wheel drive version, formerly called the Long Range (LR).

The restart in Europe should also take place with checkered versions, and according to the information that is accumulating, it should be ready in a few weeks. As of Wednesday, several customers who ordered a Model S Plaid reported on the German TFF forum that they had received a request from Tesla to transfer the remainder of the purchase price. There were more reports of this kind from the rest of Europe on Twitter, and a reader informed about the same process for the Plaid Model X.

A specification of the expected delivery date was apparently attached to Tesla’s call for payment. For the Model X reader, the indication is now November 30th to December 10th. In TFF until Thursday noon, the first range was 24.11-4.12. at the presentation of the Model S in Hannover. Tesla sources said that the first allocation of VINs to German customers did indeed take place on Wednesday evening. Around December 1, the ship for the first European deliveries of Plaid electric cars will arrive.

New Model S and Model X also in Asia

This would end the long gap between Teslas in premium electric cars in Europe. At the same time, there are growing indications in Asia that the Model S and Model X will soon return to customers in a refreshed form. In China, Tesla showed off two models in checkered versions at an import fair, and neighboring Taiwan held an event this week to showcase the entire range. The first Plaid electric cars should be followed there, as in Europe, by the Model S and Model X in the tamer LR version. According to reports, since October they have been intensively tested, among other things, on German roads.

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