Finland wins bronze – Swiss floorball players get nothing at their home WC – sport

Finland wins bronze – Swiss floorball players get nothing at the home WC – Sport – SRF

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  • The floorball representatives lost 3:5 against Finland at the World Championship for bronze in Zurich.
  • Switzerland falls to 0-4 early and fights back. But the race to catch up remains unrewarded.
  • The Swiss have to settle for a disappointing 4th place in the World Cup for the second time in a row.

At the latest after Jan Zaugg’s 3-4 goal in the 51st minute, every Swiss fan in the Zurich arena believed that the floorball team would turn the tide. But it shouldn’t be. When Switzerland threw everything forward in the final seconds and replaced the goalkeeper with another player in the field, Sami Johansson ended the Swiss medal dream 5-3.

Switzerland missed the start

The faces spoke after the final siren, the disappointment of the national team players and the coaching staff was huge. Not surprisingly, defeat in the bronze medal game is somewhat self-inflicted. Switzerland had the worst possible start to the match. Coach David Jansson’s players looked subdued and partly without energy after the semifinal defeat against the Czech Republic (3:11) the day before.

Finland took advantage of this passivity and dominated the opening third at will. Symptomatic of this was the 2:0, in which the northerners turned the Swiss into an extra. After a flawless play, it was finally Mikko Leikkanen who softened the action with a goal. Just 66 seconds later, Finland even made it 3-0.

With your back to the wall

Nati also slept through the start of the middle part. Nico Salo made it 4-0 after just 49 seconds. It wasn’t until the middle of the match that Switzerland caught up and, thanks to their physicality, better controlled the game. Jan Bürki’s score of 1:4 from the 29th minute was the beginning of a turnaround. Even before the siren of the second half, Patrick Mendelin scored 2:4 with his 5th tournament goal. Hope was back.

Since then, the game has been played almost exclusively in the Finns’ half of the pitch. Switzerland left no stone unturned to bring about change. However, there was no happy ending.

SRF dva, sportlive, November 13, 2022, 11:40 a.m.;

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