FIFA World Cup 2022: This is how hot it is in Qatar for the desert World Cup


Omar from Ecuador wrapped himself in a traditional white robe including a hat. However, the national flag and the trophy from the World Cup should not be missing.

There is little activity on the Corniche, Doha’s famous seafront, on Friday mornings. Apart from a few runners and a few policemen sitting in groups in the shade keeping watch over the miles of fans, Doha still seems to be sleeping. Four Asian tourists take a selfie in front of the oversized World Cup mascot La’eeb. He’s supposed to represent a fantasy character from a parallel universe, but he looks like a ghost.

So here we are. In a place where, according to many, we should not stand, because the World Cup should have been boycotted. As an observer, it is difficult to get a correct, true picture. what is real What facade? This is a subjective spot check, nothing more. Truth? Often also a matter of interpretation.

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