FIFA: On possible Züriberg relocation plans


Sepp Blatter: “It is an open secret that Infantino wants to leave Zurich with FIFA.”


Tobias MartiAn editor’s view of Sunday

Whenever the Fifa soccer family communicated with their mothership, it was from Züriberg, a massive mansion next to the zoo. In the meantime, however, the contribution from Zurich will probably not arrive either. In any case, that’s how former FIFA president Sepp Blatter (86), the fallen football pope, watches the World Cup in his living room for the first time, but apparently still has some guts fluttering in his house: “It’s interesting that the official documents in connection with the electoral congress The FIFAs were sent to the national associations from Doha – and not from the head office in Zurich,” Valaisan said on Sunday.

Unsurprisingly, rumors of Fifa’s desire to take it over are persistent. No matter how often President Gianni Infantino (52) publicly assures that the move is not a problem (“Fifa remains in Zurich”), Blatter is convinced of the opposite: “It is a fact that Infantino wants to leave Zurich with FIFA as an open secret.” Blatter, at times the most prominent Swiss, was recently cleared of corruption along with Michel Platini (67).

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