Fiala sets it up for Kings – Hischier keeps Newark cheering – and saves Schmid from shootout – Sport


The New Jersey Devils celebrate their 8th straight win against Ottawa in the NHL. Cast: two Swiss.

Nico Hischier gave the New Jersey Devils their eighth straight win. Captain Valais scored with 33 seconds left in overtime to make it 4-3 in a home game against the Ottawa Senators. Hischier deflected Dougie Hamilton’s long-range shot on the power play. “Actually, I just wanted to get out of the way and let the shot go,” said the Swiss, who had already made it 2-2.

With Akira Schmid out, the Devils set their sights on a second Swiss player, albeit not until after the 51st minute. The 22-year-old goalkeeper started for Czech Vítek Vaněček because he was in pain. Schmid, who was deployed for the first time this season, saved 7 shots until the end and was able to celebrate a win for the first time in his 7th appearance in the NHL.

He was grateful to Hischier for deciding the game before the penalty shootout: “The only thing that went through my head during extra time was: ‘Now score a goal!’

He could not meet Fiala until much later

Kevin Fiala also won the match in Los Angeles. The Eastern Swiss also struggled to score the winning goal against the Chicago Blackhawks in overtime. Fiala hit a wrist shot with 1.4 seconds left in overtime to give the Kings a 2-1 win.

Needless goals from Meier and Josi

There was nothing to gain for the San Jose Sharks with Timo Meier. Appenzeller scored during a guest appearance in St. Louis his 6th goal of the season. However, it was a 3-5 defeat for the Sharks.

Roman Josi and Nino Niederreiter lost away to Nashville. The “Preds” fell behind against the Colorado Avalanche 5:1, and despite a goal by captain Josi, they were unable to equalize in the final period.

Janis Moser led Arizona to a 2-0 road win over the New York Islanders, with the Swiss defenseman getting the most ice time of any player at nearly 25 minutes in a 1-0 shutout.

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