Femicide in Italy: Saman (18) refused an arranged marriage and disappeared – father caught in Pakistan


Femicide in ItalySaman (18) refused an arranged marriage and disappeared – father caught in Pakistan

He was alone and offered no resistance: the Pakistani police arrested the father of Saman Abbas, who had disappeared since May 2021. The mother of the young woman is still on the run.

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Saman Abbas disappeared without a trace on the night of May 1, 2021 in the Italian region of Reggio Emilia.


Authorities believe her family killed her because the 18-year-old refused to marry a relative in Pakistan.

Authorities believe her family killed her because the 18-year-old refused to marry a relative in Pakistan.


On November 15, 2022, Pakistani police arrested the victim's father in Punjab.

On November 15, 2022, Pakistani police arrested the victim’s father in Punjab.


It’s about it

  • Saman Abbas’s father was arrested in Pakistan’s Punjab region on Tuesday.

  • A man was wanted worldwide for the murder of his daughter.

  • According to Italian justice, the parents of 18-year-old Saman Abbas ordered her to be killed in 2021 after she refused an arranged marriage.

Shabbar Abbas, the father of Saman Abbas, who has been missing since 2021, was arrested in Pakistan on Tuesday. A 47-year-old man is accused of murdering his daughter.

Like the Italian portal «TG24 Sky reported that Shabbar Abbas was arrested by Pakistani police in the Punjab region after the Italian judiciary requested Abbas’ arrest for extradition purposes. The man offered no resistance. He was said to be alone at the time of his arrest. As Ansa reports that Saman’s mother, Nazia Shaheen, has also been charged with her daughter’s murder. The 48-year-old man is still on the run.

The father confessed to the murder over the phone

Last September, the Reggio Emilia public prosecutor’s office had one provided convincing evidence of thisthat the family is behind the murder of 18-year-old Saman Abbas: In a telephone conversation that the father had with a relative, Shabbar Abbas said: «I killed my daughter to protect my honor and dignity. We killed her.” The call was intercepted by authorities during the investigation.

The case shook Italy in the summer of 2021: Saman disappeared on the night of May 1 in the village of Novellara. The 18-year-old recently had she refused to marry her cousin in Pakistan. Instead, she fell in love and dated a young man from the northern Italian province of Reggio Emilia.

The victim’s uncle allegedly planned the murder of Saman on behalf of his parents: the 33-year-old Dane Hasnain was said to be the first obtained an alibi for the parentsbuys a plane ticket to Pakistan for Shabbar Abbas and Nazia Shaheen two days before the crime. With the excuse that a sick relative was at home, the parents left Italy unexpectedly.

First hearing in Islamabad

Danish Hasnain is said to have strangled Saman. Where he disposed of his body remains a mystery to this day. According to the victim’s 16-year-old brother Hasnain, his niece’s body disappeared with the complicity of her two cousins, Nomanulhaq Nomanulhaq, 34, and Ikram Ijaz, 29. All three are currently in prison in Italy.

Now Shabbar Abbas will also be transferred to Islamabad, where a hearing is scheduled for Thursday, he writes «Corriere della Sera”.

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