Female pilots: How many women sit in the cockpit with which airline

Women are clearly underrepresented in the cockpit. For airline type, the value is slightly higher. And there are also clear differences between the major airlines.

44 percent of female doctors are against 56 percent of male doctors, 33 percent of male astronauts, 67 percent of male astronauts, and 21 percent of female engineers and 79 percent of female engineers. However, there are only less than 6 percent of women and 94 percent of men in airline cockpits. The International Society of Women Airline Pilots 2021 ranking shows it.

The country with the highest proportion of women piloting aircraft is India at 12.4 percent. Germany is 6.9 percent, the global average is 5.8 percent.

Almost no female pilots at Singapore Airlines

The rating further differentiates classic airlines, low-cost airlines, regional airlines and cargo airlines. The share of female pilots is highest among regional airlines – globally, it is 6.4 percent on average.

The picture is very different for different airlines. With a proportion of women in the cockpit of 0.4 percent, for example, Singapore Airlines fares even worse than Japan Airlines with 1.3 percent.

In the image gallery above, you can see the five major international airlines with the most female pilots.

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