FC St.Gallen takes Sion apart and wins 7-2

FC Sion crumbles in a slap against St.Gallen.Image: keystone

FC Sion is downgraded after a turbulent week at home: FC St. Gallen achieved their highest away win in Super League with a 7-2 win.

11/12/2022, 7:58 p.m11/12/2022, 10:13 p.m

The strong words of the last few days did not have the desired effect on FC Sion. Christian Constantin and Mario Balotelli’s strikes against the league may have been seen as a wake-up call for their own team, but Sitten’s men faced St. They presented Gallen as particularly unstable and insecure. Three days after the lucky progress in the cup against Wilo, the stronger Eastern Swiss were outnumbered.

From the 27th to the 60th minute, FC St. Gallen scored seven goals and led from 0:1 to 7:1. FCSG had no trouble playing through the three-man defense that coach Paolo Tramezzani set as an exception for this match. After a few days of flu, captain Lukas Görtler shined with two goals and two assists. Emmanuel Latte Lath scored three times and now has six league goals.

Scoring in a tourbillon has never been so good. Just around half an hour after Balotelli’s early goal from the penalty spot (5th), Sion fought back in earnest despite the support of the 10,500 crowd. Even after equalizing it looked increasingly vulnerable and almost every attack St. Gallen exposed the defensive. Sion are the first team in over four years to concede seven goals in Super League.

St.Gallen scored seven goals in Sion.

St.Gallen scored seven goals in Sion.Image: keystone

Zion – St. Gallen 2:7 (1:5)
10,500 spectators. – SR Wolfensberger.
Thor: 5. Balotelli (Handspelty) 1:0. 27. Latte Lath (Görtler) 1:1. 31. Akolo (Guillemenot) 1:2. 39. Latte Lath (Akolo) 1:3. 43. Görtler 1:4. 44. Görtler (Guillemenot) 1:5. 50. Latte Lath (Akolo) 1:6. 60. Stillhart (Görtler) 1:7. 90. Saintini (Poha) 2:7.
Zion: Lindner; Schmied, Cavaré, Saintini; Grgic (46. Chouaref); Lavanchy, Cyprien (78. Poha), Zuffi, Iapichino (46. Sio); Stojilkovic (73. Halabaku), Balotelli.
St. Gallen: And Zig; Stillhart, Stergiou, Maglica, Guindo; Akolo (67. Witzig), Görtler (79. Guidotti), Quintillà, Schmidt (67. Alves), Guillemenot (79. Karlen); Lathe Lathe (58. Schneider).
comment: Sion without Araz, Costa, Nsakala (all suspended) and Itaitinga (injured). Gallen without Vallci (suspended), Besia, Schubert and von Moose (all injured). 69. Guillemenot hits the bar.
Notice: 4. Guindo. 31. Quintilla. 42. Saintini. 64. Stillhart. 95. Halabaku. (abu/sda)

FC Zurich coaches since 1991


FC Zurich coaches since 1991

source: keystone / christoph ruckstuhl

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