Farmer Hans grabs farmer Karel’s lady-in-waiting Olga

In love with Karlova Olga?

Farmer Hans snatches the lady-in-waiting from his competitor

Jack of all trades Hans from “Farmer, single, looking for…” doesn’t find much love during his farm week. But apparently the grass is a little greener on the other side of the fence. The smart farmer was actually flirting with the farmer Karl’s lady-in-waiting Olga.


Farmer Hans ended his farming week without butterflies in his stomach.

Farmer Hans (67) has actually finished his farming week. The farmer, who seems to have rented a good mood for himself, did not find much love in his lady-in-waiting Pia (63). But as the smart retiree reveals in an interview for Blick, his participation in “Bauer, single, sucht…” was crowned with success.

“It was at a meeting with other peasants and court ladies. On Saturday it was the men’s turn, on Sunday the ladies of the court. But some, including Olga, Charles’ lady-in-waiting, had been there the day before.’

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