Famous hairdresser Sebastian Böhm dies of cancer at the age of 36


cancerStyled Heidi Klum and Shakira – celebrity hairstylist Sebastian Böhm has died aged 36

The star hairdresser died of leukemia two years after his diagnosis. At first it seemed as if Figaro had conquered the disease.

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He cut the hair of many famous people: Sebastian Böhm (36).

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Böhm is the inventor of the legendary hairstyle of Tokyo Hotel frontman Bill Kaulitz.

Böhm is the inventor of the legendary hairstyle of Tokyo Hotel frontman Bill Kaulitz.


The now 36-year-old man died of leukemia.

The now 36-year-old man died of leukemia.

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Top model Heidi Klum (49), singer Shakira (45) and Tokio Hotel frontman Bill Kaulitz (33) put their trust in his hands: celebrity hairdresser Sebastian Böhm has died at the age of just 36.

As reported by the German media, the hairdresser, known to everyone as “Basti”, has been suffering from leukemia since 2020. At first it seemed that he had conquered the disease, but in 2021 the blood cancer returned, according to «image» back. Not even stem cell donation could save Böhm.

“I am endlessly sad”

“We are deeply shocked and saddened to tell you that our beloved Basti has left us. Rest in peace,” says the Facebook page of his “Hairricane” salon in Magdeburg, Germany. Among them are comments from well-known personalities and former customers of Böhm.

For example, singer and presenter Jana Ina Zarella writes: “My sincere condolences, I can’t believe it, I’m incredibly sad.” And star Annemarie Eilfeld (32): “May the good Lord hold his gracious hands over you and protect your immortal soul and your loved ones.”

In February, on his birthday, Böhm wrote on Instagram: “I’m doing very well today, I want to let you know, I’m staying brave. My new life is waiting for me, here I am!”

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