Experts say tens of thousands of Russians are trapped

According to the expert, Russia made logistical mistakes during the retreat from Kherson in the war in Ukraine. Tens of thousands of Russians are trapped in a “trap from which there is no way out”.


the essentials in a nutshell

  • Russia’s withdrawal from Kherson is chaotic.
  • An expert now warns that tens of thousands of soldiers could be in the death trap.
  • This reinforces the already known incompetence of the Russian army.

As of Thursday, the Russian army has been withdrawing from Kherson in the Ukrainian war – or fleeing headlong. Reports from observers and soldiers describe a chaotic retreat, with command structures collapsing. The soldiers are indefensible and an easy target for the Ukrainians.

Former US Lieutenant General Mark Hertling is now writing on Twitter that tens of thousands of Russians could be imprisoned. Russia brought 40,000 troops across the Dnieper River to Kherson. However, Ukraine has destroyed the bridges and 10,000 to 25,000 or even more soldiers “are trapped with no way out”.

The Russians were cut off from supplies and supplies. A retreat to the east bank of the Dnieper is hardly possible. A military expert compares the situation to the “Falaise cauldron”: Nazi Germany lost up to 50,000 soldiers there in World War II. The reason was logistical errors.

Hertling sees this in Russia as well: “Your superiority and bad leadership” would lead to this situation. “It reinforces the already known incompetence of the Russian military.”

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According to Moscow, Russia wanted to withdraw its troops to the eastern bank and build new defense lines there. This is to prevent the advance of Ukrainians to Crimea.

Kherson was captured and controlled by Russia at the beginning of the Ukrainian War. However, in recent weeks, Ukraine has managed to recapture many cities in the region. They are hailed as heroes in many places.

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