Expensive play-offs: Scotland’s model costs clubs millions

Teures Playoff-Out

The Scottish model costs clubs millions

More teams in Super League and with the Scots mode 48 more games than before: This causes additional costs in the millions. The clubs that buried the playoffs on Friday have to pay for it.


The Scottish model causes 48 more games in the Super League season than before. The cost of producing a TV game is around CHF 30,000.


Sebastian WendelFootball reporter

From next season, the Super League will consist of 12 teams, along with the Challenge League, the number of teams in Swiss professional football will now be 22. More teams automatically means more matches: If the play-off mode were maintained this week, the number of matches would be in the Super League season from the current 182 to a maximum of 210.

With the change of regime, away from the play-offs and towards the Scottish model, there are 20 more games including the play-offs. From next season, there will be 48 (!) more matches per season in the Super League than before. The associated additional costs in the millions.

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