Ex-ski ace Denise shows off her baby after work

The ex-ski ace shows off his child

Lina is the greatest gift after work

A big void after your skiing career is over? Denise Feierabend (33) has never seen her. She is a teacher, a wife and, for the last three months, a mother.


A look is worth 1000 words: former ski pro Denise after work with her three-month-old daughter Lina.

Mathias Germann (text) and Benjamin Soland (photo)

Six kilos light and sixty centimeters long: a new treasure in the life of Denise Feierabend (33). He is sitting comfortably on the sofa with his Lina in his arms at home in Igis GR, looking out the large window. “There, at the very back, we were together on the Regizerspitz last week. It was the first big hike with Lina. She did great. Only I had to breathe hard because, in addition to the stretcher, I also had a backpack on my back », after work, with a smile.

Lina saw the light of day three months ago. “When we first heard her scream it was incredibly emotional. Others talk a lot about it – but when you experience it for yourself, it’s something else entirely.” By “we,” she means herself and her husband, Andy. He works in the insurance industry and has been married to a native of Engelberg since the summer of 2020. “We are having a great time, enjoying every day with Lina,” says Feierabend.

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