Ex-Queen’s secretary opens up about cheating rumors about Prince Philip

The former secretary unpacks it

What Really Happened Between Prince Philip and Penelope Knatchbull?

The Netflix series “The Crown” is fueling rumors of an alleged relationship between Prince Philip and Penelope Knatchbull. Now the Duke of Edinburgh’s former secretary has spoken.


Prince Philip and Penny Knatchbull became close friends through their shared love of carriage driving.

The fifth season of the Netflix series “The Crown”, which depicts the life of the British royal family, is here. Although it is based on real circumstances, the creators also incorporated fictional elements. Among other things, the production suggests that Prince Philip (1921-2021) had an affair with Penny Knatchbull (69) – she was a close friend of the family during the lifetime of Prince Philip and the Queen († 96). .

The Duke of Edinburgh’s former secretary Dickie Arbiter, 82, is now commenting on Britain’s ‘Mirror’ – explaining in advance: ‘It’s a good drama, but you shouldn’t believe everything it says and shows. Yes, it’s true that she, like Prince Philip, was interested in horse-drawn carriages. But there would be a 30-year age difference between them. “There was no way there was any relationship.” Prince Phillip was often accused of having an affair in 1950s and 1960s. The ex-secretary says figuratively: “He shopped but didn’t buy anything.” When asked what that means, he explains: “He flirted but didn’t go any further.”

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