Ex-con wins lottery again

What a luck! Kürsat Yildirim (42) recently won almost ten million euros in the lottery. Now Dortmund clean up again.


the essentials in a nutshell

  • Dortmund Kürsat Yildirim won the lottery again.
  • The lucky winner won almost 10 million euros the first time, only 1700 the second time.
  • The 42-year-old man wants to invest the money in real estate.

Kürsat Yildirim won almost 10 million euros in the lottery at the end of September. A good month later, the 42-year-old player is winning again in gambling.

This time it is 1700 euros. However, he also spent a lot of money on bills again, Dortmunder explained to “Bild am Sonntag”.

Have you ever won the lottery?

His secret: “I always bet on the same numbers. But I was unlucky, that’s why I’ve been relying on random numbers for ten years – the so-called quick tip. He has already spent thousands of euros on it.

Kürsat is now a Ferrari driver

Yildirim calls himself “Chico”. In his own estimation, Chico won because he “believed so damn stubbornly”. “If luck wants to hit you, it will,” confirms the newly minted multimillionaire.

For 9.9 million from the previous profit, the former truck driver bought a Ferrari Pista. He would also like to invest in real estate, but not in his own home. The lottery winner plans to stay in the northern part of the city of Dortmund.

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