Everyday things can be so expensive

Twitter account Stupid things rich people buy collects, as the name suggests, unnecessarily expensive things that probably only rich people can afford.

Maybe some are affordable even for normal people, but as you will see in a moment, the ratio of price and performance is practically never the same.

Because no price is too high for safety.

Guinea pig armor for just over 23,000 francs.

The price is justified, at least 10 pieces. Ten!


Sterling silver kit for less than 1700 francs.

If that’s not enough for you, you can always buy a few and make a paperclip chain.


One of these Prada paper clips costs 180 francs.

Can you at least crochet with it?


A silver ball of yarn for 9,000 francs.

No chain, no bag, but expensive. 👍


This mini folding chair from Nordstrom for around 875 francs.

Hopefully suitable for multiple uses.


This diamond tea bag is available for just under 14,000 francs.

Maybe a gift idea for the next kid’s birthday party?


A fidget spinner made of gold for almost 16,000 francs.

If you really don’t know what to do with money anymore:


A dog collar for almost 3.2 million Swiss francs.

A sweatshirt that will make your grandma say in horror, “Honey, your sweater is broken!”


Balenciaga sweatshirt for around 1200 francs.

Person 1: This is a glass.

Person 2: What can it do?

Person 1: It’s a glass.


From the Van Vliet brand for around 23,000 francs.

And the marketing department: “It doesn’t even cost 5 billion!”


The jewel costs a measly 4.7 billion.

Of course, this Xbox is a little more expensive, but you also get a case AND a second controller.


A Gucci set costs almost 10,000 francs.

It makes gardening so much more fun.

Expensive things

You can buy this set of garden hoses for 300 CHF.

Great, one less alligator. 👍


A hat made of real alligator skin for around 390 francs.

Does the price at least include the dog?


A diamond crystal bathtub for dogs for less than 12,000 francs.

It’s a fridge…


… and because it’s by Dolce & Gabbana, it costs almost 50,000 francs.

So for a price we actually expect not to have to pedal alone…


The Gucci bike is available for a paltry CHF 34,000.

You’re not paying for a name, you’re paying for the research that goes into a product like this.


You can get these sneakers from Balenciaga for as little as 1,300 francs.

At least for that price you have an incentive to use things.


The price is around 60,000 francs – beware, for a barbell.

Of course, the upper class still needs the right barbell rope.


How about this one from Louis Vuitton for less than 800 francs?

That could be an expensive wall.


You will pay around 200 CHF for a stone.

But for that price we expect an orgasm guarantee!


This dildo will cost you almost 15,000 francs.

Then I prefer the clip for 180 francs.


This bookmark costs 350 francs.

This makes each document that much more valuable.


The number of clips in this picture cost around 115 francs, almost 5 francs per clip.

At that price, though, we expect it to be broken.


The hippo sofa costs over 90,000 francs.

But for that price we only buy two.


Diamond-encrusted nail clippers for just over 1.1 million Swiss francs.

(we are allowed)

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