EU police officers are moving into Serb-populated northern Kosovo


In the midst of tensionSerbian police officers resign – now EU officials are moving to Kosovo

135 police officers from the EU EULEX mission have moved to northern Kosovo, which is inhabited mainly by Serbs.

Ethnic Serb police officers take off their Kosovo police uniforms in Zvecan.

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It’s about it

  • EU police officers moved to northern Kosovo.

  • European officials would also patrol on foot to fill the security gap.

  • Ethnic Serb police officers resign amid tensions over new license plate regulation.

Amid tensions over the Kosovo government’s new license plate regulation, 135 police officers from the EU’s EULEX mission have moved to northern Kosovo, which is populated mostly by Serbs. The head of the Swedish mission, Lars-Gunnar Wigemark, told the Kosovan-Serbian news portal on Wednesday evening.

European officers would also patrol on foot, filling a security gap created by Serbian police in northern Kosovo protesting license plate regulations He resigned from serving in the Kosovo Police had

Police officers from Kosovo patrol the border crossing between Serbia and Kosovo on August 27.


The region is mainly inhabited by ethnic Serbs

“However, we cannot take over the work of the Kosovo police and replace it,” Wigemark added, according to the portal. Kosovo, which formerly belonged to Serbia and has been independent since 2008, is today almost exclusively inhabited by Albanians. The north of the divided city of Mitrovica and three surrounding rural communities are predominantly ethnic Serbs.

The Pristina government’s license plate regulation prohibits Serbs in the north from continuing to use license plates and vehicle documents issued by neighboring Serbia. According to the regulation, these must be exchanged for Kosovo license plates and papers.

The conflict for independence continues

Serbia has never recognized Kosovo’s independence, claims the territory as its own, and openly supports those Kosovo Serbs who defy the sovereignty of the Kosovo government. This includes criminal gangs that, for example, set fire to the cars of several Kosovo Serbs who have re-registered their vehicles.

The regulation went into effect earlier this month after several delays due to Serbian protests. Currently, drivers with Serbian license plates are only given a warning. However, it should be possible to issue fines from next week.

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